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APDS 9102
Drehkino v3
Drehkino v2
    Scheiben machen
        Stickman walking
Drehkino v1


disk with markers

The first drehkino v1 was a unique design and used a 555 for the timing of the LED pulses, the rebuild has several advantages: a simpler circuit (just one IC), use of standard parts and a simple mechanical construction. Every information to rebuild is available on this website. I put together some kits with everything included, but you find every file and source here to make your own PCB or build it up on perfboard.

The generator on this website adds great flexibility to this toy making it easy to produce selfmade disks by simply uploading image sequences and getting a pdf in return that can be printed out. A couple of disks are available in the gallery, but the best cartoon disks are missing because of copyright issues, so please go aheed and snip out the best scenes of your favorite cartoons and do it yourself.

Latest addition is the 3Drehkino disk showing a small figure (ca. 18mm tall) walking in an endless loop. The video below gives an idea, but the original 3D look in real is stunning. As all other stuff on this website it is licensed under creative commons (CC-Name). Download link below.

Watch 109 men marching through!

I am grateful to Mekry who made this 3D figure including the walk cycle available via blendswap which I took for this 3D disk. This made it easy for me as untalented 3D modeler to quickly produce results: I started with exporting 29 single .stl files of each frame of the walkcycle. I measured the step length, did the maths and wrote a script that scales, rotates and translates the figures to the right positions. The base of the disk including the ring the figure walks on was manually created. The execution of the script populates the disk with the 29 figures.

Very helpful was the service of shapeways inspecting the files you send them and point you on possible production problems and give you the chance of fixing it instead of printing garbage. Shapeways returned my file two times as not printable because of too high detail level (fingers) or small wall width (legs). The third file finally passed and the pictures and videos on this site show the result. It is solid but fragile and can be easily broken, so just look don't touch! Thanks to the ball bearing the wooden base disk just needs a gentle initial turn.

The disk is printed in "white strong & flexible". But its all white! To get the stroboscope working in sync with the figures a paper disk with black markers must be layed or glued over the central part.

disk with markers

In the currently available disk (shapeways link) I fixed a minor flaw in v4: The hollow on the back side for the drive-in nut on the wooden baseplate was too small, This should be fixed, but no guarantee, I have not ordered this disk yet to verify. I glued some 2mm rubber feet under the prototype disk (v3) to fix this flaw. That is why the disk looks like it hovers. And an additional bugfix makes v5: I somehow duplicated two of the support pins which lead to duplicated faces and the pins were optimized away (s. my entry in the shapeways forum). This latest version (v5) has one pin per figure.

If you have a nice blender animation which is cyclic and 3D printable (check detail, wall-width eg. the T-Rex on blendswap has unproducable tiny arms) I would be grateful if you could make it available under a CC license so I can use and publish it here. Contact me.

Download blender file
Download shell script to generate python script for blender
Download pdf with markers to lay over disk

Link to Meshtest by Mekry on blendswap
Link to Figur v5 on shapeways